There is a light that shines in you…

This training will be a collaboration with the light that is within you. It will be a collaboration with that same light in Jill and Jody and all those that assemble with us. It will be a collaboration with the abundant Universal Energy ready to meet us where we are at.

Are you ready to shine that light with the guidance and wisdom of Yoga?

200-hour Fireweed Yoga Teacher Training

This program has over 100 live hours with Jill and Jody. The remaining 100 hours are 4 online modules of 25 hours each, these online modules will be completed at your own pace, with connection to Jill or Jody via email and during online office hours.

The syllabus will ensure that you are versed in the foundational postures of our current yoga culture and understand how to use different poses and practices to create different experiences and outcomes within the body.

“2020 has been an interesting year. We have had a lot of time and opportunity to see “what is” in our lives. The truths in our lives have been magnified and we are seeing more clearly what may have been hidden before this long global pause.”  – Jody
This will not be all about learning the poses of yoga.

Learning Yoga will be about learning you.

This training offers:
  • an intellectual understanding of the theory
  • an embodied experience to feel the effects of yoga/union in your cells
  • the practical tools to unite mind, body, spirit, and the skills that foster this connection

Read more about the dates and details for 2021 here.

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