School Programs

Welcome to the Fireweed family! We have a diverse menu of offerings, though we can also adapt our facilitation to your students or staff team. If you don’t see exactly the kind of program we are looking for, please be in touch! We have worked with groups as large as 100, and as small as 5, with students as young as six and as old as…well, as young as the oldest staff members! Whatever you choose, we will design your program so that it follows the intentions with which it was created, is developmentally-informed for the age group, and embeds itself in your school culture.

Our programs go beyond the poses to give your students, staff teams, and schools the tools they need for wellbeing, resiliency, and empowerment. Movement can change mood, energy level, and focus; mindful attention to our inner and outer worlds has been proven to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, and to increase resiliency and feelings of contentment.

Yoga is just one of the tools we would are honoured to bring to your school; the calm and presence found in asana (yoga postures) can also be found in mindful awareness exercises, meditation, gratitude practices, Ayurveda, and breathwork designed to help self-regulation, health, life skills, and self-care. We are also able to embed our offerings into a variety of contexts. We also have Alberta certified teachers on staff to deliver curricular outcomes.

Programming opportunities include:

  • Curricular outcomes: CALM, PE, Science/ Bio, LDCs, etc.
  • As part of a Response to Intervention Plan (Tier 1, 2, or 3 supports)
  • Clubs and teams (e.g. GSAs, athletics)
  • Staff teams, PD days, team building days
  • Assemblies, special events
  • Daily physical activity (DPA) components
  • Comprehensive school health

Ready to begin a journey to wellness in your school?

Yoga and mindfulness practices can help with:
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Physical and mental wellness
  • Tools to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • The ability to bounce back from adversity
  • Reinforcement for positive behaviour supports

Our Offerings

The programs we offer range from stand-alone classes to comprehensive experiences, either at your school, or in the Alchemy studio in Cochrane. We are available by the hour, for half days or full days. If desired, our facilitators are able to offer regular classes, repeated daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  Our most intensive experiences create lasting relationships through embedded programming; see our Week of Wellness and Fireweed Facilitator in Residence packages.

Tend, Bend, and Befriend

Students will learn to identify emotions and tend to them, allowing for greater awareness and self-regulation. Elements of mindfulness-based stress reduction, yogic postures for stress relief, and breathing tools will be incorporated.

Still Breathing

A variety of meditation and mindful awareness practices tailored to the age group and intention of the class. Emphasis will be placed on stillness, or slow and intentional movement like walking.

Rooted and Rising

A combination of movement and mindfulness designed to help students feel more centred, but also able to create momentum and resilience. Students will move from grounding practices to energizing postures and will end with breathing exercises designed to draw energy in.

Fierce Heart

A vinyasa yoga program designed to get students moving! Although it will be tailored to the age group and ability range, this offering features more quick-moving asana linked by breath, and students will flow through seated poses, balancing postures, backbends, and inversions.

Syncing to Succeed

A 12 week Ayurvedic Habits Course to help students recognise how the small decisions that they make to care for themselves translate into greater and greater success.

Creating Space

This is our most hands-on and creative program. We will facilitate activities such as mala creation, mandala colouring, and other intentionally artsy imaginings!

School Intensives

Our intensive packages go beyond daily or hourly offerings; one of our staff members will join your school to create relationships, embed themselves in the school culture, and build bridges to wellness on a more consistent basis. We will work with you to blend elements from all of our program areas, and add anything that fits your school or classroom culture to create a program that is transformative in nature.

Weeks of Wellness

We will join your school for a set time, over the period of one or more weeks. We can combine program offerings, curricular tie-ins, and custom elements to fit your student group and school. This is a slightly less comprehensive program than our Facilitator in Residence, but is still more integrated than our stand-alone programs. This allows us to follow students through a particular phase of their curriculum, or to provide more extensive physical or mental wellness support for a short time.

Facilitator In Residence

This is our most integrated and wholistic program. We are excited to be able to join your school through an entire semester or school year. The consistency of regular yoga, mindfulness, and wellness practices can bring lifelong benefits to students and can transform school culture. This is truly a cornerstone offering, bringing whole-school wellness and tools for success. We can join dedicated classes, or create experiences on an as-needed basis. We can involve elements of all of our program areas, and expand on them to truly support your students, staff, and school culture.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced yoga instructors and educators with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. We are excited to partner with you in a wellness journey! Read our full bios on the about us page.

Let's Grow Together

Our team is comprised of experienced yoga instructors and educators with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. We will work with your school to create a program that is professional, impactful, responsive, and inspiring. Whether you are interested in having us work with your littlest students, your administrative team, or anyone in between: we’re excited to connect with you!