Noticing Your Balance

When you are aware that Prakriti does not equal Vikruti
you have the opportunity to make a change.

When Prakriti does not equal Vikruti you feel off,
and this signals you that a change is being requested.

The first step is to identify the quality that is out of balance.

From there the goal is to apply the opposite.


Answer the following questions based on what you now know about the Gunas.

Sometimes a Dosha test can help you see what is innate in you and what shows up when you are out of balance. If you would like to dive deeper, do the two Dosha Tests at Jill Novak Yoga and notice while you answer, what quality it is highlighting? Pay attention to things you rate really high, and look at that quality to decide if it is true for your whole life, or does it show up in imbalance? One test highlights what you are like under stress (this is Vikruti). These can be helpful in answering these questions.