Frequently Asked Questions

“Are there prerequisites?”

Nothing that you need to have done prior to this course. Your desire and interest is enough.  The two video modules of the course are best done prior to the live portion.  We encourage you to do these modules before the live training weekends begin in September

“My employer won’t let me take certain days off, what can I do?”

You will need 4 Fridays off in order to make this program work. Most employers will gladly support this knowing their staff return with the calm, focused presence of a yogi ; ). We are also recognizing that this program is going to take some prioritizing to fit it into your regular life schedule and creating space on a Friday is part of this prioritization.

“How soon will I be teaching?”
Teaching is a personal thing. You will share your skills with others when your voice is ready. We will do our best to support you in developing that voice, creating space for you to practice using it, and honing your skills in delivery.

“I have a medical issue. Will that be a drawback to joining this program?”
No, we believe that there is no medical issue that prevents you from doing yoga. In fact, yoga can be a beautiful pathway to health if you are needing support. There may be poses that you can not do, but taking away some poses does not equate to taking away yoga.

“Will this program be Yoga Alliance Certified”
Neither Jill or Jody have ever registered with Yoga Alliance. At no point has this body been able to create opportunities for us, or hampered our ability to teach. As such, this program is not Yoga Alliance Certified.

“How do I apply”
The application form is available here.