The Enneagram Through The Lens of Yoga

Fireweed Yoga believes that knowing yoga is knowing YOU. The more deeply we can understand ourselves the more effective and congruent we will be with what we’re teaching and why we’re teaching it.

One of the tenants of yoga is Svadhyaya, the study of the self, and in this 25-hour module facilitated by Jody DiCastri, we will use the ancient self-development tool of the Enneagram to uncover our deepest, truest selves.

This course will cover the history of the Enneagram, how the tool functions, the 3 Centers of Intelligence, the 3 Biological Instincts, the 9 Faces of the Human Soul, the growth path for each Enneagram type, and spiritual practices to support on-going growth.


Rollout: This module has seven recorded Zoom lessons for you to do at your convenience. If you want to take advantage of Live Calls to support the lessons you can plan to work through this module in November 2021.

Price: $499 (or included in registration for Fireweed Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program)

Resources: To complete the module you will find Beatrice Chestnut’s The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self Knowledge helpful. A written assignment will be necessary to get the Fireweed Yoga Continuing Education Certificate of Completion for 25 Hours or will contribute to your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate


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