The Enneagram through the Lens of Yoga

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Jody DiCastri delivers this 7 part series on the Enneagram as a lens through which you can see yourself. Yoga asks us to increase our awareness of how we move through the world, applying the principles in the Yama & Niyamas of Saucha (clarity, purity), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (discipline), Svadyaya (self-study), and Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender to the service of something bigger). The Enneagram gives us powerful tools to become aware of how we can personally navigate these steps and know when we are growing into our deeper purpose and when we are disconnected from our essence.

Attached is the homework portion of the course, and a PDF workbook of key visuals and definitions.

Finishing the homework project of the course enables you to be credited with 25 hours of learning, towards Fireweed Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program, or 25 Fireweed Yoga Continuing Education credits